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  • Spirit Week
  • Homecoming Dinner & Broomball
  • Best Friends
  • Biology Dissection
  • Lady Eagles Volleyball
  • Morning Assembly
  • July 4th Parade
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News & Events

Spring Drama - "Meet Me is St. Louis"

My family and I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone that was involved in making the play "MEET ME IN ST.LOUIS" a huge success. The students did an excellent job acting and the stage was transformed into the victorian era. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.  These are wonderful memories for all of us. Our Grandaughter Shayden Vestal really did enjoy the play. We would like to thank everyone at LCA FOR AN OUTSTANDING JOB!!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE AT LCA. Thank you for such blessed memories. Lois and Darrel Weber

Trivia Night -  "A fundraising night of brainbusting fun!"

Trivia Night Raised more than $2000 for our new sound system.

Congratulations go to Dr. Wildhaber and her table of “smarties” who pulled off a 4 point victory over our LCA spirit table which was decorated w/ our state championship trophy by Coach Clark.

The tables were decked, costumes were donned and the lighted Christmas table came out on top. Two runners up trailing by one point each were our fitness-crazed gym rats led by Alicia Nelson and our teachers in pajamas w/ their bedtime theme.  Thanks to everyone who made this our biggest trivia night yet!  The spring drama should sound great!

Our Pink-out Day was Awesome!

Morning opening was a sea of pink.  Pep club collected dollars for our dress down and served lots of pink lunches.  Nearly six thousand  pink links decorated the gym as all three teams brought home victories in our “pink-out” basketball games against Rivers of Life.  Thanks to your generosity a check for $600 is being sent to a local family who is currently battling breast cancer and the mounting expense involved with such a prolonged battle.  Great Job Everyone!

We have hired a new 1st/2nd grade teacher!

Mrs. Elizabeth Colbert will be joining us with her four children and her husband Mike. She attends FCFC and comes to us with a Master’s degree in Education.

Christmas Program a Huge Hit!

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends after our Christmas Program.   Students performed the "God is in the Details" drama with excellence and the blacklight musical finale was very moving.  Mr. & Dr. Wildhaber were surprised with the “We Love the Wildhabers” book and a weekend trip to Bear Lodge B & B in Branson in appreciation of their tireless dedication to our school.  Everyone had their fill of delectable home-made treats! A great time of fellowship was had by all.

Local Firefighters Get Hit for Food Pantry

Thank you to all of those who donated to our canned food drive.  The kids had a fun-tastic time today playing dodgeball against our Wright City Fire Fighters.  The 7th/8th grade won 2 out of 3 hard fought games against the guys and 3rd – 6thhad a go at our local hoses as well as a reward for most cans collected! 

A Thank you letter was received from Agape Food Pantry.  LCA raised 1580 lbs of the 2673 lbs collected in the drive.  That’s 60% of the total collected!  Way to go!  Due to the severe need at our local food pantry our collection bin will remain in front of the office for donations through the school year.

Christmas Store Teaches Kids to Give!

The Christmas Store has been a huge hit again this year.  Students have been having a wonderful time learning that giving is more important than receiving.  With Christmas lists in hand students of all ages were able to select items and have them wrapped and ready to go under the tree for family members and Bible buddies.  This was not only a blessing for our students and volunteers, but was also an additional blessing to our PTO account which blesses school and staff alike.

Mrs. Jessica’s husband, Ben, arrived home from Physical Rehabilitation. 

Jessica Grow’s husband, Ben, was on his motorcycle in the evening on a back country road when a small deer ran out in front of him.  Miraculously, a policeman was there immediately at the scene.  (How often does that happen in rural Warren County?).  Ben had a motorcycle jacket on (just recently given to him) and his helmet.  He was airlifted to St. Johns in St. Louis County.  Surprisingly he only had bleeding and swelling in the brain, 6 broken ribs and cracked shoulder blade.  No limb breaks or internal injuries.  Jessica said he surprisingly looked great considering what he has been through

Come out tomorrow and see him!

Dodgeball Match – to Benefit the Grow Family – Saturday, Dec. 1st  9:00 -5:00  Teams of ten (six on the court @ one time), Uniform Contest, Cool Prizes, Concessions, Auction Packages,Fast Paced, Old-School Dodgeball Action 

High School packs Christmas boxes at the Agape Food Pantry in Wright City 

Dinner Auction final total $23,350!  Thank You

The COW was Here!    Tuesday, October 23rd was Chic-fil-a Day     

Everyone had a blast! Check out pictures of our students and the "chicken in disguise" with the Wentzville Chick-fil-a crew on their facebook page.

They're awesome!

Students Blessed Their Pastors! October is Clergy Appreciaiton Month.

We had an amazing time on Tuesday with all of our visiting church leaders. The dedication of our amazing pastors does not go unnoticed. Our celebration of their service included scriptures, a skit, a poem, blessings and even a bible comedy program and many yummy desserts. From Pre-school through high school the students had just as much fun presenting as the clergy did receiving. Each grade did an excellent job of honoring their own pastor and the group as a whole. We want to again thank all of our visitors and remind them that they are always welcome. Their service is not only remembered this week but also throughout the year.

God's Walking Miracle!

The 5th - 12th grade students were enthralled this morning as Mr. G.L. Woods shared the story of God’s miraculous healing power to turn a near-fatal, paralyzing motocross accident into a testimony of transformation.  We are grateful to Mr. Woods for taking time away from his family to share the faithfulness of God. 

See You At The Pole

Praise the Lord!  The rain subsided and we had a wonderful turn-out for See You at the Pole on Wednesday.  We are so proud of our students who stepped up to lead worship, read the Word & pray for our school, region and country.  Thank you to STUCO & our wonderful volunteers who made this amazing morning of faith, food and fellowship possible. 

Projects/Work Day – Playground Phase 1 – COMPLETE!

Praise God for all of the amazing volunteers who made our work day so successful!  The old playground was disassembled and cleared.  The kitchen was deep cleaned and re-organized.  Trees were removed and aeration and seeding was done on our drought-stricken lawn and so much more.  Wait until you see what we have planned for next month.  You won’t want to miss it!

Third Day Power

Praise the Lord!  We were blessed to have special guests “Third Day Power” husband & wife strength team Ray & Jannet Clark who shared an amazing demonstration with our students.  But more than that they shared their personal testimonies of how the love of God transformed their lives and set them on the path which the Lord had planned for them.  They closed with an invitational prayer to which one student responded for first time dedication and two students made re-dedications.  Glory to God!

We are praising God for 24 new students!!!  

We want to welcome with open hearts our newest eagles for the new school year.

Alumni Games & Dinner - Saturday, March 3rd, 2012                           Calling all LCA Alumni!

We were so blessed to have such an amazing turn-out of graduates from LCA,  WCS & COTR for our annual alumni games.  It was possibly our best  alumni response since our opening.  But it should come as no surprise since we were also honoring Coach Clark that evening.  During our MAC  Tournament Coach “Butch” Clark reached the milestone of  300 winning games. Between the ladies and guys games, Dr. Wildhaber presented Coach with a “300” basketball signed by all of the former & current players present.    This came with an engraved commemorative stand  and a basket filled with 300 of coach’s favorite items.  Our elder alumni team, which included some of the players from our 2007 State Champions team, beat the younger alum by two points in a very tight battle. Current Eagles subbed in on the younger team, as needed.

Kindergarten Round-Up Registration - Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Cowboy boots abounded as the K4-K5 students took the stage. Parents and families were impressed by the advanced skills which our 4’s & 5’s displayed. There were loads of songs filled with scripture... even in Spanish w/ American sign language,  morning pledges, math facts, coins, & reading concepts with art displays all wrapped up with a western flair.  Way to go K-4 & Kindergarten! Yahoo!                   


Open Gym Night/Rock-A-Thon - Friday, March 9th, 2012

Open Gym Night/Rock-A-Thon raised over $1500 for the Senior Mission Trip!  We had a blast at open gym night!  Everyone enjoyed the awesome wings & chili-cheese fries.   Black light dodgeball was a real hit.  Speaking of hit...Seniors Ben Wishman and Tim Zook won/lost the "pie a senior" contest and both took many hits with plates of whipped topping.  There were a record number of rockers who were able to last the through the night!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Seniors leave April 20th for Philidelphia Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Spring Student Showcase - Saturday, March 31st

We were recently privileged to enjoy a variety of displays of the many gifts with which our kids have been blessed. Our performing arts portion included vocal and instrumental pieces including the debut of our recorder class.  Mrs. Arnold's students also blew us away with a huge Bible verse recitation.  Our senior class wowed the crowd with a stop-motion video to a Casting Crowns song. The musical program was followed by an archery display that would have made Robin Hood smile.  While we perused displays of stuffed turkeys and Lego cities we enjoyed a number of treats from our future pastry chefs.  It was an exciting time of learning many new things about our students.  We so appreciate all of the effort that our families put into creating an opportunity for all of our students to shine!




   Upcoming Events


  07/20  Athletic Carwash 9-1:00

  07/22-25 Volleyball Camp 7-9pm

  07/27  Campus Projects 8:30 - ?  

  08/06-07 MS/HS Retreat

  08/10  Campus Projects 8:30 - ?

  08/12  Meet & Greet 6:30 

  08/15  1st DAY OF SCHOOL 

               7:50 - 2:55

  11/02  Dinner Auction